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Quick summary

  • Collagen stimulating filler is best suited to patients over 35 who want gradual results
  • The filler stimulates the formation of collagen, replace volume and signs of ageing
  • Treatments are performed 6 weeks apart with most patients needing 2 or 3 treatments
  • Collagen stimulating filler is available at our Melbourne clinics (Armadale, CBD, Mitcham).
  • Collagen stimulating filler costs $700 for 1 vial and $1350 for 2 vials

Collagen stimulating fillers are a great treatment for patients over 35 who want gentle but noticeable results over time. The treatment stimulates the body’s own collagen which reduces the appearance of mild, moderate and deep facial lines.

collagen stimulating filler results patient in 40s

Collagen production slows as we age and by the time that we are 40, most adults will have lost up to 20% of their collagen¹. Collagen stimulating filler involves 2 – 3 treatments over a period of 3 – 4 months which causes collagen production under the skin.

How do collagen stimulating fillers work?

Collagen stimulating filler works by stimulating the body to products its own natural collagen which provides volume, lift and improves the skin quality and texture. It is great for the patient who wants a gradual change.

After treatment, it takes about six weeks to see the results and that’s when we might retreat again. Results can be evident for up to two years.

it’s different to standard dermal fillers because it actually stimulates the body to produce the volume itself. This means that the tissues look natural and move really naturally.

The ideal patient to treat with collagen stimulating fillers is someone who’s presenting with volume loss and also someone who’s happy for a gradual improvement of the tissue. Treatment is generally full face. We treat the temples, we treat the cheeks, around the jawline, chin, marionette lines, piriform fossa which is this little hollow space in here. You can’t treat the forehead, the nose, around the eyes or around the mouth. So, the muscle that’s actually under the tissue around the eyes and around the mouth is a circular muscle as it contracts, it can actually clump this product so you’re much better off using a regular dermal filler.

Although this product’s new to Cityskin, it’s actually been used in the medical industry for fat loss In the face for many years. Studies show that results last for up to 24 months, however top ups can be required around the 10 to 12 month mark.

The product itself needs a bit of preparation before we actually inject it so we recommend that you come in for a consultation and then we will book you in for your treatment. First consultation takes about 20 minutes. The treatment itself is not very long at all, so the injecting time is probably about 10 to 20 minutes as well.

You can use up to three vials on some people but generally it’s probably two vials for the first treatment and two vials for the second treatment. So between the first and the second treatment, we probably leave about six to eight weeks, and, again, if the person needed another treatment after that, it would be six to eight weeks.

We really want to see the results of that treatment before we inject more of the product. Recovery’s really no different to that of having a dermal filler treatment. Obviously, with putting a needle in someone’s skin you can get some bruising, you can feel a little bit tender where we’ve had the injections and you can also be a little bit red and swollen, but generally the down time isn’t anything extensive. We like patients to book in for an initial consultation to make sure they’re medically appropriate candidate and then we rebook you to have your treatment session done.

Dr Mary Fonti and Bianca Quon from Cityskin

Which areas of the face can be treated with collagen stimulators?

Collagen stimulating filler can be used to treat a wide number of areas on the face including replacing temple and cheek volume, treating nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The filler also improves skin texture in the treated areas.

which areas can be treated with collagen stimulating filler

How much does collagen stimulating filler cost?

  • At Cityskin we charge $750 for 1 vial and $1350 for 2 vials of collagen stimulating filler
  • The treatment is a staged process and we recommend having at least 2 – 3 seperate treatments 6 weeks apart to see the full effects
  • We do not charge a consulation fee at Cityskin and recommend that all patients come for a consultation before having treatment

How long do collagen stimulating filler results tend to last?

Collagen stimulating filler can last over 2 years but individual results can vary, The treatment tends to last longer than traditional dermal fillers which last up to 2 years.

How do I book an appointment?

Click here to book a free consultation. Collagen stimulating filler needs specialist training and we have trained practitioners in Melbourne. We recommend that all patients come in for a consultation first before booking to have treatment. When you book please select ‘Collagen stimulating filler’ from the drop-down options.

In Melbourne you can book to have this treatment with either Dr Mary Fonti or Bianca Quon.

bianca quon cosmetic injector cityskin

Who are the best candidates for treatment?

The best patients for collagen stimulating fillers include patients who are:

  • Over 35 years of age
  • Patients who exercise and have experienced weight loss in the cheeks
  • Patients who want a subtle but noticeable change over time

Are there any contraindications to collagen stimulating filler?

Contraindications to collagen stimulating filler include:

  • A history of keloid or hypertrophic scars
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Patients under 18

The photos below show patients who have had 3 treatments with collagen stimulating filler. The photos are provided by the company that makes the filler and not of Cityskin patients. For legal reasons we have to say that results can vary.

The first patient is in her 40s and has had 3 treatments with collagen stimulating filler.

collagen stimulating filler results patient in 40s

The second patient is in her 50s and has had 3 treatments with collagen stimulating filler.

collagen stimulating filler before after patient in her 50s

The patient below is in her 40s and has had collagen stimulating injections to her temples, mid-cheek and lower face. She is an ideal candidate for this treatment due to the global volume loss across the face.

before after collagen stimulating injections

Collagen stimulating filler cannot be used in the periocular area (around the eyes) or in the vermillion (the red border of the lip).

Risks of treatment include, but are not limited to:

  • Redness, bleeding or bruising at the injection sites, tenderness, itching and small lumps under the skin
  • Rarely late onset larger lumps / nodules have been reported

At Cityskin we take our time to discuss the treatment thoroughly with you on the day and to discuss all the potential risks and side effects.

86% of patients on the review site Realself say that the treatment was ‘Worth it’. Click on this link to read patient first hand reviews on collagen stimulating filler on Realself.

TGA law does not allow us to use the name of the product as it is a Schedule 4 drug. We can, however, provide you a link to Galderma’s website where the product name can be seen. You can also chat with us live where we can disclose the product names.

The use of collagen injections was popular in the 80s and 90s and involved injections of bovine or human collagen under the skin. The collagen filler had to be tested on a small patch of skin before use but, even still, inflammatory reactions weren’t uncommon.

The development of dissolvable fillers with reduced side effects made the use of collagen injections almost obselete.

Collagen stimulating fillers that we use now cause the production of collagen by the body rather than placing collagen directly under the skin.

  1. Shuster S, Black MM, McVitie E. The influence of age and sex on skin thickness, skin collagen and density. Br J Dermatol. 1975;93:639-643.

Collagen stimulating filler can be used for perform a butt lift but we don’t offer this treatment at Cityskin clinics in Melbourne

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