Cosmetic Treatments for Men in Melbourne: Achieve Your Desired Results

At Cityskin in Melbourne, we understand that 15% of our patients are men, and we have witnessed an increasing number of men visiting our clinic each year since the introduction of double chin treatments in 2017. We recognise that there are subtle differences in the way we approach cosmetic injectables for men compared to women, and we take the time to fully comprehend the specific results you wish to achieve.

We are mindful of your privacy concerns and the importance of maintaining a natural, masculine appearance. Our approach ensures that friends and colleagues are unaware of any treatment you may have undergone. We prioritise avoiding feminisation of the face, tailoring our treatments accordingly for both men and women.


Key Differences in Treating Men:

  • Men typically require at least 1.5 times the number of anti-wrinkle units compared to women. Learn more about anti-wrinkle units
  • When treating the male forehead, a slight drop in the brow is acceptable as it enhances masculine features.
  • Not all men require treatment for crow’s feet. Preserving some lines can create a more natural and distinguished appearance, as appreciated by many.
  • Facial slimming, a common treatment for women, is rarely recommended for men, as it can feminise the face. A strong jawline is an attractive feature in men, and we aim to maintain it.
  • We are cautious to avoid the “frozen look” when treating the forehead, ensuring a more subtle and discreet outcome. Discover tips on how to avoid the frozen look.


Anti-wrinkle Treatments for Men in Melbourne:

At Cityskin, our experienced team specialises in providing hundreds of men with anti-wrinkle injections each year. The most popular treatments for men at our clinic are forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Men often have stronger muscles, requiring a higher quantity of anti-wrinkle product to achieve the desired effect. In some cases, treating frown lines in men may require more units than what we would use for the entire face of a female patient.

If you are seeking cosmetic treatments tailored to men in Melbourne, trust our experienced team at Cityskin to deliver exceptional results. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals and embark on your journey to a rejuvenated appearance.


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