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Who shall I book with?

PractitionerClinicAnti-wrinkleDermal fillerDouble chinNotes
Dr Anna CollinsArmadaleCurrently on maternity leave
Bianca QuonCBD, Armadale, Essendon
Mr Erik KoppertHawthorn
Dr Greg ScherArmadale, CBD
Dr Ilana GalgutBrighton
Dr Jonathan BrownCBD, Armadale, EssendonOnly seeing new anti-wrinkle patients in Essendon
Katy WallaceArmadale
Michelle DoddNeutral Bay, Sydney
Sue FairleyBrighton


Where are Cityskin Clinics located?



Anti-wrinkle injections – where can I have my treatment?

Mr Erik KoppertDr Ilana GalgutDr Jonathan BrownSue FairleyDr Anna CollinsDr Greg ScherBianca QuonMichelle DoddKaty Wallace
ClinicHawthornBrightonArmadale, CBD, EssendonBrightonArmadaleArmadale, CBDCBD, Armadale, EssendonNeutral Bay, SydneyArmadale
Brow lift
Forehead lines
Frown lines
Crows feet
Gummy smile
Bunny lines
Tooth grinding
Facial slimming
Upper lip lines
Chin dimples
Nefertiti lift / neck bands
Downturning mouth
Hyperhidrosis (Underarm sweating)
Facial sweating



Dermal filler

Mr Erik KoppertDr Ilana GalgutSue FairleyDr Anna CollinsDr Greg ScherBianca QuonMichelle DoddKaty Wallace
ClinicHawthornBrightonBrightonArmadaleArmadale, CBDCBD, Armadale, EssendonNeutral Bay, SydneyArmadale
Forehead line dermal filler
Frown line with dermal filler
Nose dermal filler
Eyes / tear trough
Brow lift (dermal filler)
Marionette lines
Nasolabial folds
Full facial rejuvenation
Liquid facelift
Earlobe rejuvenation
Hand rejuvenation
Acne scarring
Jawline dermal filler


Double chin injections

Mr Erik KoppertDr Jonathan BrownSue FairleyDr Greg ScherBianca QuonMichelle Dodd
ClinicHawthornArmadale, CBD, EssendonBrightonArmadale, CBDCBD, Armadale, EssendonNeutral Bay, Sydney
Double chin injections


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