Under eye skin quality: how to improve it? Cosmetics treatments consultations to reduce under eye bags

Tear Trough Fillers Treatment

Tear trough dermal fillers offer an effective solution for reducing hollows under the eyes. At Cityskin, we specialise in tear trough treatment to enhance the appearance of under-eye bags and rejuvenate the eye area.

The tear trough refers to the anatomical area under the eye. By strategically placing dermal filler in the upper cheek or directly into the tear trough, we can effectively reduce the appearance of hollows and achieve a more refreshed look. The results of tear trough fillers typically last up to 9 months, but individual variations may result in longer-lasting outcomes.

As we age, changes occur in the skull structure and facial fat distribution, leading to the development of tear troughs. The eye socket enlarges, while the cheekbones lose volume, resulting in less support and cushioning around the eyes. Gradual fat loss in the face also contributes to the prominence of tear troughs.

At Cityskin, we offer two primary methods for treating tear troughs and under-eye bags:

Method 1: Treating loss of cheek volume

If the tear trough is primarily caused by volume loss in the fat pads of the cheeks, we can address it by administering dermal filler to the upper cheek area. This technique provides excellent support to the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of the tear trough.


Method 2: Direct Injection into the Tear Trough

For individuals with good cheek volume but a deep tear trough, direct injection of dermal fillers into the tear trough can effectively lift the area and diminish the depth of the line. It is important to note that this method carries a slightly higher risk of bruising.

If you are seeking tear trough fillers treatment in Melbourne, our experienced team at Cityskin is here to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how tear trough treatment can enhance your appearance and reduce under-eye hollows.


Tear trough filler treatment lasts for up to 9 months depending on the type of filler used. The under-eye area is delicate, and we must be conservative with the amounts of filler that we can use.

The main risks of treating the tear troughs are:

  • Bruising
  • Over-treating
  • Under-treating

The area around the eyes is one of the most difficult areas to treat. It is an area which is prone to water retention and puffiness, meaning there is a high change of bruising after injections. Therefore, we proceed with caution not to place too much dermal filler in this area.

Depending on the cause of the darkness under the eyes, it can lessen the visual appearance of dark circles.

When we age, we lose bone, fat pad, and muscle. The fat pads start shrinking in size and declining down the face, the muscle weakens, and bone structures change from bone reabsorption. The malar fat pad under the eye starts to descend the face, showing separation of the orbicularis retaining ligament.

This ligament is what separates the lid-cheek junction. If there is a visible deficit (dark circle) from bone reabsorption and separation of the fat pads, adding dermal filler to replace lost volume will lessen the appearance of dark circles.

Other reasons for dark circles include pigmentation and visible vascular structures, as the skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the entire body. Dermal filler will not help with the appearance if these are the cause. Other means of treatment may be laser treatments such as IPL and skin needling.

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