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How long does dermal filler take to ‘set’ in position?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Dermal fillerHow long does dermal filler take to ‘set’ in position?
AnonAnon asked 10 months ago

I am wondering whether how long it takes for dermal filler to set in the face, so it is no longer prone to moving if it is touched or pressed upon?

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Cosmetic Nurse Michelle DoddCosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd Staff answered 10 months ago


Dermal fillers are instant, so you can see a visible result immediately after injection. However, there is initial swelling (and potential bruising) that can last up to 2 weeks post injection. It also takes up to 4 weeks for th filler to integrate into the tissue, as some fillers are more cohesive than others. I often advise my patients that they should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated after treatment, as hyaluronic based fillers are water-binding. The skin is the last organ that water goes to, so staying well hydrated can also have an effect of the result of the dermal filler. 
Clinical studies have shown that 4 weeks is the peak effect for dermal fillers. As we don’t want to disrupt the fillers from where they were injected, I advise my patients to be gentle when they cleanse their skin over the next couple of days after treatment, no facials, lasers, waxing, anything to the face for 2 weeks after injection and avoiding excessive hot temperatures such as saunas, steam rooms and hot yoga for 2 weeks after injection, along with no exercise for 24hrs. These will all help dermal fillers to “set in the face”, after injection. 

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