Depending on what vitamins and supplements you’re taking. We suggest having a consultation with our experienced medical practitioners, so you can advise us exactly what supplements you’re taking to make sure nothing is contraindicated to your treatment. ‘General’ supplements, such as multi-vitamins, aren’t necessarily contraindicated to treatment. However, some supplements such as fish oil, pain relief medications containing Ibuprofen and green tea thin the blood. This significantly increases your risk of bleeding and bruising. Please keep this in mind, especially if you’re having dermal filler injections. If you’re not under the prescription and care from your medical practitioner to take the blood thinning medications, we suggest patients should discontinue taking them for 1-2 weeks before injections. If there is too much blood in the tissue from where you’ve bled from an injection, the rest of the dermal filler treatment may not be able to be performed, as the area cannot be injected again.

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