By spreading out appointments every 3 months, we can provide you with a full treatment. We can’t provide a second full treatment within a shorter timeframe, as this means you will be over the safe limit of anti-wrinkle units for the body.

Additionally, having anti-wrinkle injections treatment too frequently will make the product less effective over time as the body builds up a tolerance.

What is the difference between tweaking and playing catch-up on anti-wrinkle treatment?

1. Tweaking your anti-wrinkle injections:

After 2-3 weeks from your initial anti-wrinkle treatment, you may still experience some movement around the injected area. If this is the case, it suggests the initial treatment did not contain enough anti-wrinkle units to achieve the desired smooth look, and a ‘tweak’ will be required. Tweaks are usually simple and apply a small amount of additional anti-wrinkle units to the area.

If you leave this follow up appointment longer than 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation, you will end up playing ‘catch-up’ instead.

2.  Playing catch up with anti-wrinkle treatment:

If you decide 6 weeks after your initial treatment that there is too much movement around the treatment area and you desire more units, a partial treatment is required instead of a tweak. While this would be effective temporarily, the initial treatment would ware off in 6-weeks’ time, leaving you with the requirement for another partial treatment to maintain smoothness.

This means wrinkle treatment would be required every 6 weeks instead of 12 weeks, and you will be playing ‘catch-up’.

What we recommend for anti-wrinkle treatment scheduling:

Make sure to avoid under-treating when you visit Cityskin for your cosmetic injections. Under-treating leads to an increased chance of movement occurring before the 3-month mark, and a greater chance of requiring a tweak appointment.

At Cityskin, one of our highly experienced cosmetic clinicians will be able to provide you with an accurate assessment about the number of recommended units for your features and desired aesthetic.

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