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Bra bulge is a common problem that occurs in women of all shapes and sizes. It is a stubborn area of fat that sometimes, despite exercise, cannot be shifted.

Thankfully we now have a treatment for this area – bra bulge dissolving injections. Using the same product as the one used to dissolve double chins we can inject the bra area and permanently dissolve fat cells.

Treatment costs $1200 for 2 vials – enough for one treatment on both sides. Most patients need a total of 3 treatments

As you gain and lose weight fat cells fill up and deflate – much like air in a balloon. Bra fat injections contain a product which pops the fat cells causing permanent removal of fat.

The video below shows Dr Greg Scher from Cityskin describing how the product that we use to dissolve bra fat destroys fat cells. The product that we use for bra fat is the same as the one used to dissolve double chin fat.

The number of vials that you need per treatment depends on the area of fat that needs to be dissolved but we usually use 1 vial per side, per treatment.

We recommend at least 2 treatments, spaced at least 6 weeks apart, to see results. Most patients have a total of 3 treatments. The number of treatments varies depending on the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved and the individual response to treatment.

Bra bulge / fat dissolving injections cost $1200 for 2 vials. This is enough for one treatment of both arms. You are likely to need 3 treatments in total but this can vary amongt individuals. 

This patient was treated by Dr Jonathan Brown at Cityskin in Melbourne. She had one treatment to each bra bulge area and photos were taken 8 weeks later. The patient had 1 vial per side (total 2 vials for this treatment) and she is likely to need another 2 treatments (4 more vials) to complete her treatment. 

So far we are delighted with the patients results. The bra bulge has reduced, more so on the left side than the right.

The patient experienced swelling in the treated area for 3-4 days and some mild bruising for 7 days. 

The video below shows Dr Jonathan Brown from Cityskin treating a patient’s bra fat with dissolving injections.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding also cannot have treatment. You must be over 18 to have bra bulge injections.

Risks of bra fat dissolving injections are thankfully rare but include bruising, numbness for up to 8 weeks in the area and, in rare cases, failure to see results. After treatment you may feel an ache in the area which could last a few days and sometimes you can feel firm / tender patches under the skin for up to 6 weeks.

Very uncommon risks would include infection and skin breakdown over the injection site.

Dr Jonathan Brown and Dr Greg Scher perform bra fat injections at Cityskin. To find out more about this treatment please use the ‘Live chat’ button at the bottom of this page to discuss treatment.

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