Which anti-wrinkle brands do you use at Cityskin?

AnonAnon asked 2 weeks ago
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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 2 weeks ago


We have 2 brands of anti-wrinkle treatment available at Cityskin. 
Brand 1 – The ‘American Brand’ which costs $12 per unit
Brand 2 – ‘The European Brand’ which costs $4 per unit. 
You need 3 times as many units of the European brand to have the same effect as the American brand. At Cityskin we tend to prefer the European brand as we feel it lasts longer and starts working quicker. 

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Which anti-wrinkle brands do you use at Cityskin?
We are not allowed to use brand names on the Cityskin website due to Australian law. There are 3 anti-wrinkle products in Australia and we use 2 in our clinic.
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