How common is bruising after lip filler?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: AftercareHow common is bruising after lip filler?
AnonAnon asked 10 months ago

I’m thinking of having lip dermal fillers on Friday but I’m going out with friends on Saturday night. Am I likely to bruise? And, if so, how long will the bruise last?

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Bianca Quon Cosmetic Nurse RN Div 1Bianca Quon Cosmetic Nurse RN Div 1 Staff answered 10 months ago


With any dermal filler injections there is a risk of bruising and swelling. The lips are certainly more prone to bruising, because of their blood supply and swelling and because of the nature of dermal fillers to attract water.

A bruise to the lips is no different to a bruise on any other part of the body and will subside at a similar rate, this can take approximately 5-7 days and varies widely between individuals.

If you are going out or have an event we recommend that you postpone your treatment until after this.

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