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About Cityskin


Cityskin was founded in 2011 by Dr Jonathan Brown, GP and Cosmetic Physician in Melbourne. He felt that cosmetic treatments are as much about how you feel as how you look and this has been the core message at Cityskin from the start.


Fresh, not fake. Our core belief

At Cityskin we want to you look and feel fresh, not fake. We don’t like the un-natural look that you sometimes see in tabloid magazines and on reality TV so if you want overfilled lips and cheeks we are definitely not the right people for you!


Our patients come from all walks of life – they are your colleague at work, acquiantance at the school gates and probably your friend that you catch up with for coffee. Cosmetic treatments don’t have to be obvious to your friends and family and we tailor your treatment to how you would like to appear.

fresh not fake cityskin


The Cityskin team – experienced cosmetic injectors

At Cityskin we have a fantastic team of Doctors and Nurses with an average of 8 years of cosmetic injecting experience. We have a committment to teaching and training and attend conferences in Australia and overseas.


cityskin team


What do patients think of Cityskin?

We actively seek feedback from patients to help improve what we do. In the past 12 months we have had survey data from 330 patients. There is always room for improvement and we value all feedback from patients.


From 330 patients surveyed (scores out of 10):


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