Brow lift with anti-wrinkle injections

Brow lift with anti-wrinkle injections

Non surgical brow lift at Cityskin in Melbourne & Sydney

At Cityskin we can achieve a brow lift using anti-wrinkle injections. As we age the skin becomes more lax and often the brow and eyelids can appear heavy. A surgical procedure known as a blepharoplasty can remove the loose eyelid skin and treat the problem. This procedure can be performed by a plastic surgery under local anaesthetic. An alternative to surgery is to perform a brow lift with anti-wrinkle injections.

brow lift anti-wrinkle non surgical


How to lift the brow without surgery

By treating the frown muscles and the outer part of the eyelids with anti-wrinkle product we can relax the muscles around the brow and eye and lift the eyebrows. We generally use 7 small injections to the frown and 2 or 3 injections to the outer part of the brow (see diagrams below).

eyebrow lift in Melbourne with anti-wrinkle injectionsFrown line treatment Melbourne


A video showing a brow lift being performed at Cityskin


How many units will I need to lift my brow?

We generally recommend 20-25 units to the frown and approximately 5 units to each outer brow. The amount of units can vary from person to person depending on the strength of the muscles.


How much will treatment cost?

We charge from $4 per unit, depending on the product used. Have a full read of treatment costs here.


Brow lift before/after photos

The patients in our photos below had anti-wrinkle injections to the brow and the outer eyebrow. The after photos were taken 2 weeks after treatment and you can see how it has given a great brow lift. A similar effect can be achieved using dermal filler to the outer brow. Book a free appointment and have your non-surgical brow lift with Cityskin!

brow lift anti-wrinkle non surgical

Non surgical brow lift in Melbourne


What are the risks of treatments?

There is the risk of a small bruise around at the outer part of the eyebrow from injections but this is unlikely. There is a 1:10,000 chance of a heavy eyelid known as a ‘ptosis’. Thankfully this is a very rare occurrence and if it was to occur it would wear off within 2 weeks.


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