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As we age volume is lost in the face and this can become noticeable around the temples, also known as the ‘temporal hollow’. Loss of volume in this area can give a gaunt look to the face and make people appear older than they are.


How to treat the temples with dermal filler

Dermal filler is a product which occurs naturally in the body. It can be injected into the ‘temporal hollows’ using a small needle. The dermal filler reduces the depth of the temporal hollows giving fullness to the temples.

Dr Ilana from Cityskin discusses how to treat temples with dermal filler in the video below


How much dermal filler do I need?

The temporal hollows can need up to 2.0ml or 3.0ml of dermal filler to reduce the volume loss.


Does dermal filler in the temple area hurt?

It isn’t a particularly painful area to have treated so we don’t need to use numbing gel prior to treatment.


How long does dermal filler in the temples last?

Studies show that the longest lasting hyaluronic acid dermal filler can still be present 2 years after injection. As a general rule we say that the treatment should last upwards of 12 months


How much does temple filler cost?

Have at look at our cost page to see a full breakdown of dermal filler prices. We have special offers on dermal filler from time to time so be sure to have a browse of our specials page.


Where can I have this treatment?

Dermal filler in the temples is one of the more complicated areas to have treated. You need a practitioner who is confident in treating upper facial anatomy. The table below shows the Cityskin practitioners who have the skills to perform temple dermal filler.


What are the risks of dermal filler in the temple area?

We strongly believe that you should have informed consent before having dermal filler in the temples. Common risks include bruising, a temporary ache in the area and slightly distended veins in the temples in the 24 hours after treatment.

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