Is the brow lift a good option for young people wanting to lift their eyebrows?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleIs the brow lift a good option for young people wanting to lift their eyebrows?
Elise asked 1 year ago

I am in my 20s and would like my eyebrows to just be a big higher up (ie not as droopy when relaxed). Is the anti-wrinkle brow lift a good option and how much is this likely to cost?

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 1 year ago


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I think the anti-wrinkle brow lift works really well in younger patients who want to either lift the brow or give it more shape.
The photo above shows a patient who has had 20 units of anti-wrinkle treatment to the frown and 4 units to each infrabrow (the area under the outer part of the brow). The treatment has lifted the brow and given it a curved shape. 
The achieve the desired effect, most patients would need 15-20 units of anti-wrinkle treatment in the frown and 2-4 units in the infrabrow area. Overall you are likely to need 20 – 30 units of anti-wrinkle treatment to lift the brow. We charge $12 per unit. Please be aware that the amount of anti-wrinkle units can vary from person to person and the amounts that I have discussed are an estimate only.
Read more about our costs and brow lifts using the links below:

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