Injecting half a unit of anti-wrinkle product under each eye can be considered in some cases to prevent the muscle from pulling in and bunching up under the eye, reducing the appearance of lines. However, this treatment option is not suitable for every patient and requires careful assessment.

To effectively treat wrinkles located close to the lash line, where anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers cannot be used, alternative modalities can be explored. These may include derma pen, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), or fractional laser treatments. These modalities work by stimulating collagen synthesis, strengthening the skin, and reducing the visibility of fine lines.

At Cityskin, we primarily focus on specific treatments and do not currently offer these alternative modalities. However, some of our affiliated clinics located nearby provide these treatments. We recommend contacting the clinic closest to you to inquire about the availability of derma pen, PRP, or fractional laser treatments.

During a consultation with our experienced practitioners at Cityskin, we can assess your individual needs and provide personalised recommendations for addressing lines under the eyes.

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