I was wondering if non surgical nose job can be done on a wide nose?

I was wondering if non surgical nose job can be done on a wide nose?

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A non-surgical nose job uses dermal filler to the nose, and is a treatment for only very experienced practitioners to perform, in my opinion.

Dermal filler is often injected on the bridge of the nose to add volume to correct any dorsal humps, for a straighter, slightly higher nose bridge. Unfortunately, without surgery, the width of the nose cannot be shrunk. However, dermal fillers add volume, and can give an optical illusion of a smaller nose bridge by adding more height. This would obviously have to be assessed in a consultation with one of our practitioners who perform this procedure, to see if it would be a suitable option for you.

The nose consists of a high vascular structure, which supplies blood to the eyes. This is what considers a non-surgical nose job to be a higher risk area, and must only be performed by a very experienced practitioner. Unfortunately, we cannot see through the skin, and if filler is injected into one of these arteries, it could potentially cause blindness. Sometimes, a cannula can be used for this area. A cannula is a long, blunt tip needle, which can reduce the risk of the filler piercing though an artery. This may aid as a safety precaution.

At Cityskin, only Dr. Erik Koppert at Kew, Melbourne, performs this treatment due to the level of experience of who should perform this procedure. He uses a minimum of 1ml of filler for this treatment with prices starting from $550 per ml.

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