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Can double chin treatment be used on jowls?

Can double chin treatment be used on jowls?

To treat the jowls we need to provide lift and structure – something that we all lose as we age. This is done with dermal filler and, when correctly placed, can restore the fullness that is required.

Some cosmetic practitioners in Australia are starting to use the double chin product in the jowl area. This is an experimental treatment at the moment and something that we will not offer until more testing has been performed.


Some patients with large amounts of loose skin may be more suitable for surgical treatment such as a lower facelift. This is not something that we offer at Cityskin but if you get in touch again by email we can provide suggestions on good people to see.

The photo below shows the jowl and pre-jowl sulcus.

jowl dermal filler


How much dermal filler is needed to treat jowls?

I would estimate that you would need to use at least 2ml of dermal filler to lift the cheeks and treat the jowl/jawline. This is an estimate but you may need more depending on the laxity of the skin.


Cityskin Doctors discuss how dermal filler can be used to treat the lower face and jowls


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