You can have lip fillers if you suffer from cold sores, but you cannot have treatment if you have an active cold sore on the day.

What is a cold sore?

A ‘cold sore’ is the commonly known name for the herpes simplex virus affecting the lips. It can present as a small crop of blistering vesicles on the lip, nose or around the mouth. Patients often describe a tingling sensation in the day before the onset of a cold sore.

Can I get lip dermal fillers if I have had a cold sore before?

Cold sores are relatively common in the population and having had a cold sore in the past does not prevent you from having lip dermal fillers.

Can I have lip dermal fillers if I have an active cold sore?

If you have an active cold sore, we will not perform lip dermal filler treatment. Wait until the cold sore has resolved entirely and then rebook an appointment for treatment.

Can I catch a cold sore by having lip fillers?

The herpes virus is spread by contact with someone else who also has a cold sore. You cannot, therefore, catch a cold sore by having lip dermal filler treatment.

Can lip fillers cause a cold sore?

There is some evidence to suggest that if you have had a cold sore in the past you are at slightly higher risk of developing one again after lip dermal filler. This is, however, still a small risk.

Should I take preventative anti-viral medication before lip fillers?

If you suffer from cold sores, then we recommend preventative anti-viral medication on the morning of your lip filler treatment.

Provided there are no contraindications we recommend Famvir 500mg tablets, available from the pharmacy. There are 3 x 500mg tablets which should be taken as a single dose on the morning of your treatment.

The link below give guidance on Famvir tablets National Prescribing Service website:

How do I book an appointment?

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