The choice of filler may vary among practitioners, but generally, the same filler can be used for both tear trough and cheek augmentation. However, individual factors such as skin thickness and desired outcomes can influence the decision.

For patients with good tissue coverage and youthful skin, we often use the same filler for both areas. However, in cases where patients have mature skin with thin tissue, we may opt for different fillers for the cheek and under-eye regions. The selection of products depends on factors such as tissue coverage, cohesiveness of the filler, and desired results.

Can I place unused nose dermal filler in the lips?

The answer depends on the type of filler used in the nose. Firmer, more long lasting fillers cannot be used in the lips as they cause too much swelling and are not soft enough for use in the lips. Softer filler that we tend to use in lips aren’t often used in the nose as they do not provide enough support.


During a complimentary consultation with our experienced practitioners, we can assess your specific needs, discuss the pros and cons to achieve the best result and recommend the most suitable filler options for you. Please note that due to advertising guidelines, we are unable to mention specific brand names or ingredients.

Here is a link to show how the cheek and tear trough need to be corrected when treating a tear trough at Cityskin.

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