Full face rejuvenation – can it be achieved without filler?

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Anon Staff asked 4 months ago

I want anti wrinkle injections for my whole face and don’t want filler. How much would it cost for whole face?

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 3 months ago


I would argue that you can’t achieve full facial rejuvenation without dermal filler as we need to address both volume loss and wrinkle reduction to achieve a rejuvenation effect. 
If we treated the whole face with anti-wrinkle we would use (in a 50 year old patient with moderate lines):
Forehead: 5 units
Frown: 15 units
Crows feet: 8 units each side = 16 units
Upper lip lines: 2 units
Downturning mouth (DAO): 2 units each side = 4 units
Platysmal bands (neck bands) : 4 units to each band x 4 neck bands = 16 units
Mentalis (chin muscle) : 4 units
In total 62 units have been used to treat most of the areas of concern for a patient in their 50s. Overall I would guess that 60 – 70 units should treat most patients in their 50s to rejuvenate the face

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