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How long does anti wrinkle take to work if used for a tension headache?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleHow long does anti wrinkle take to work if used for a tension headache?
AnonAnon asked 11 months ago
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Cosmetic Nurse Michelle DoddCosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd Staff answered 11 months ago


Anti-wrinkle injections take 1-5 days to start working, and continue to work for 2 weeks. This is when the drug reaches its peak effect. Generally, patients often start to feel relief of the tension headache when the muscles start relaxing, a few days after treatment. The drug life of anti-wrinkle injections is up to 3-4 months, depending on the dose injected. Most patients will ‘know’ when it is starting to wear off because their headaches start to return. 
The forehead and the frown line are normally the muscles injected for tension headaches. To see what the forehead looks like after treatment, click here to see a video: https://cityskin.com.au/anti-wrinkle/migraine-and-tension-headache-treatment/

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