Hollow cheeks can be caused from numerous factors. Typically, hollow cheeks become apparent when we lose volume, either from weight loss, or from the aging process.

The area under the cheekbone is called the “preauricular” area. If you have never had dermal filler before, we lose volume from the mid and lateral cheek first. The anterior cheek, along with the lateral cheek generally need treating as well as the preauricular area. Depending on the extent of volume loss, the anterior cheek and lateral cheek can be 3mLs of filler (for both sides) and, again, depending on how much volume is lost, we ‘typically’ inject anywhere from 0.5mL-1mL of filler per side of the preauricular area for hollow cheeks (total 1-2mLs). This can equal up to 5mLs or more to treat the entire cheek and preauricular area.

Treatment doesn’t have to be done all in one go, and better results can occur by improving gradually, after multiple treatments.

Everyone is different, some people have more volume loss than others, which is why it is best to come into your nearest Cityskin Clinic for a complimentary total face assessment, to create a treatment plan, which is suited to you.

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