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I’m wanting anti wrinkle on forehead. How much is it likely to cost me?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleI’m wanting anti wrinkle on forehead. How much is it likely to cost me?
AnonAnon asked 6 months ago
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Cosmetic Nurse Michelle DoddCosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd Staff answered 6 months ago


The frontalis muscles action is to raise the eyebrows up, so when anti wrinkle injections are injected into the forehead, it relaxes the muscle down. Everyone is different, and some people have quite small foreheads, which requires less product, and some people have larger foreheads and stronger muscle contraction, which requires more product. This is the reason why we do not advertise “area specials”, because no one is the same and it not an area where there is a “standard dose”.
I’ve injected as little as 6 units and as much as 18units (on a male). We charge $12 per unit at Cityskin, so the price would be somewhere in between this range. Another factor we have to take into consideration is how weak the muscle is. Someone that is already “heavy” on their upper eyelids, we have to be even more conservative with treating the frontalis, as it may result in heavy/ flat brows or eyebrow ptosis. Best to come into the closest Cityskin and have a complimentary consultation for a quote.
Here is a link to see all questions about forehead anti wrinkle injections and Dr Brown performing the treatment. https://cityskin.com.au/anti-wrinkle/forehead-lines-treatment-melbourne/

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