When the frontalis muscle, which is responsible for forehead movement, is injected with anti-wrinkle injections, it relaxes the muscle. In some cases, if the muscle is overly relaxed, it can lead to a temporary drooping of the eyelids, commonly referred to as “hooded eyes.” However, it is essential to note that skilled injectors take precautions to minimise this risk.

At Cityskin, our approach is to prioritise a natural and refreshed look. We aim to achieve a balance between reducing wrinkles and maintaining a natural range of movement. By using a smaller dose and strategically placing the injections higher and more centrally in the forehead, we aim to minimise the risk of developing hooded eyes while still providing effective results.

During a complimentary consultation, our experienced injectors will assess your needs and provide personalised recommendations for the number of units required. Although the risk of hooded eyes is low, we prioritise your safety and satisfaction, working closely with you to achieve natural-looking results.

To learn more or address any concerns, schedule a consultation with our team. We are here to provide further information and guidance regarding anti-wrinkle treatments in the forehead.

If you want to find out, more please read our Cityskin guide on forehead treatment.

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