If you have a fuller face with volume in front of the masseter muscle, achieving jawline and facial slimming can pose certain challenges. Ideally, jawline slimming is most effective in individuals with a defined jawline and a prominent masseter muscle.

When referring to a “chubby face,” it indicates the presence of fullness in front of the masseter muscle. This fullness can obscure the visibility of the masseter muscle when viewed from the front, thereby limiting the effectiveness of facial slimming treatments.

In such cases, we often recommend an alternative approach to lift and enhance the lower face using dermal fillers. By strategically placing dermal fillers in the cheek area, we can achieve a subtle lift and create a more balanced appearance.

In addition to the treatments we offer, it is important to note that a healthy diet and regular exercise can contribute to reducing weight-related fullness.

We understand that each individual’s concerns and needs are unique. To explore the most suitable options for your specific case, we encourage you to book an appointment with our experienced team at Cityskin. During the consultation, we will address your concerns in detail and provide personalised recommendations tailored to your desired outcome.

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