How many ml of dermal filler do I need to treat my tear troughs?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Dermal fillerHow many ml of dermal filler do I need to treat my tear troughs?
AnonAnon asked 11 months ago

I would like to have my tear troughs treated. How many ml do I need and how much does this cost?

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 11 months ago


Think of dermal filler as like building a building – you put the foundations down, build the first and second floor then put the roof on top. When we use dermal filler it is often performed in stages – putting the foundation level down on your first appointment then putting a first and second floor down at your follow up appointment. 
The tear trough can be treated either by placing filler in the mid cheek or directly in the tear trough and we can assess you on the day to work out where to best place the dermal filler. 
Have a read of the cost page for a full breakdown of dermal filler prices

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