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A ‘unit’ is a measured amount of anti-wrinkle product. The amount of units that we need to inject depends on the area that we are injecting. From experience we can estimate how many units you will need to treat the muscle, but remember that it is not an exact science and we recommend coming back 2 weeks after treatment so we can review how well the treatment has worked.

Which anti-wrinkle brands do you use at Cityskin?

There are 2 main anti-wrinkle brands in Australia. TGA law prevents us from mentioning the names of the brands so we refer to them on the website as ‘The American brand’ or ‘The European brand’. When we mention ‘units’ on the Cityskin website we are referring to the American brand.

anti wrinkle units

How many units will I need for my anti-wrinkle treatment?

Note that the units below are using the American brand. If you use the European brand (which we recommend ) we use 3 times as many European units but each unit is 1/3 of the cost. Effectively it is the same price whether you use the American or European brand. Use the guide below to estimate how many units you may need. Bear in mind these estimates apply to women, and men often need 1.5 times as many units to acheive the same effect:

How many injections do I need? Does 20 units mean 20 injections?

20 units does not mean 20 injections. When we treat the frown we commonly use 20 ‘units’ but these are across 7 injection points with more units being used in the centre of the frown where the muscle is strongest.

Frown line treatment Melbourne
An example of treating a frown with 20 units of anti-wrinkle product

Which is the best anti-wrinkle brand?

At Cityskin we feel that at our pricing structure you get more for your money using the European brand. The European brand starts working quicker, we feel is lasts longer and the treatment costs the same as the American brand.

Are all units the same in each clinic?

At every cosmetic clinic in Australia the product is diluted using normal saline. Check with your clinic and ask what dilution they use. Watch Dr Brown discuss anti-wrinkle unit reconstitution below.

Dr Jonathan Brown | Cityskin Melbourne

Hi it’s Dr. Brown here and I’m at Cityskin in Melbourne. I thought I’d give a really open, honest talk about anti-wrinkle units. How they differ from your different brands, and how we mix it up. So you might learn that one unit at another clinic isn’t the same as a unit at Cityskin. Now when the product arrive with us, they come freeze-dried. Like in the case of this brand here. By law, we’re not allowed to mention brand names. But you can see, it’s a powder at the bottom. And the other brand, the stain on the bottom of the glass is the product. Now what we have to do, is we have to dilute it with saline. So it’s a sterile saline. So the way I like to describe it, in a nice lay way to patients. is imagine it comes to us as Ribena. And we have to dilute the Ribena with saline. Now the amount that you dilute it can vary from clinic to clinic, across Melbourne, across Australia. And one unit therefore isn’t the same as one unit.

The standard way that you reconstitute with the most recognizable brand in the world. And again, we’re not allowed to mention the brand name, is we take two and a half mils of saline. And this is added to the product at the bottom of the vile. Like so. And now we have 100 units of the most recognizable product, anti-wrinkle product, in the world. So that’s what we have to do. So we have to dilute it ourselves. And it’s to the discretion of the clinic as to how much they dilute it. So if the clinic decides to add more saline, more water to the Ribena, they can choose to do so. So a unit in one clinic, isn’t the same as a unit in another. So that’s how we reconstitute the most recognizable brand. The alternative brand is this one here. And I quite like this brand actually, for the upper face. It spreads a bit further. Kicks in a bit quicker. Now what we do is we make this like strong Ribena. So this is like Ribena. We mix this so it’s like strong Ribena. So for the same amount of volume of fluid, this is actually a little bit stronger. And we make it a little bit stronger than most clinics. So most clinics make it about 15% more dilute than we do. We do a three to one dilution. So we say that you need three units of this one to do the same as one unit of this one.

Now we charge a third of the price for this one compared to this one. So effectively you get it at the same price, to do the same thing. Now we’re recommended by the company that makes brand, it’s not the most recognizable brand, it’s the European brand. We’re meant to use two and a half units of this for every one unit of this. So we do a three to one dilution. So if you ever have it done at another clinic and we’re very open. People do say that other clinics that have treatments done, the golden number you want to ask is do you do a three to one dilution? If they’re doing a two and a half to one dilution, it’s my opinion that they’re making the product a bit like weak Ribena rather than strong Ribena. And for good results and best results, you want strong Ribena. That’s in my opinion.

So I hope that just makes it a bit clearer about how we dilute the product ourselves. And how one unit in a clinic in Sydney, may be different from one unit of product in a clinic in Melbourne. So if you’ve got any questions, then please go to the Cityskin website, cityskin.com.au. Click on the contact button and send me a message. We’re very open, we are very responsive to questions. And I think it just improves patient care and it improves patient understanding, of the whole cosmetic process by sharing these videos. So share it with friends and if you want to book an appointment, you can do so on the Cityskin website also. Take care, have a nice day.

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