What is an anti-wrinkle unit and how many units will I need?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleWhat is an anti-wrinkle unit and how many units will I need?
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What is an anti-wrinkle ‘unit’

A ‘unit’ is a measured amount of anti-wrinkle product. The amount of units that we need to inject depends on the area that we are injecting. From experience we can estimate how many units you will need to treat the muscle, but remember that it is not an exact science and we recommend coming back 2 weeks after treatment so we can review how well the treatment has worked.

Use the guide below to estimate how many units you may need. Bear in mind these estimates apply to women, and men often need 1.5 times as many units to acheive the same effect:

Crows feet – between 6 and 12 units each side.

Frown (brow) lines: 15 to 25 units

Forehead lines: 5 to 15 units

Tooth Grinding: 20 – 35 units each side

‘Bunny lines’: 2 units each side

‘Gummy smile’ : 2 units each side

Nefertiti lift / lower face lift – approx 20 units in total

Facial slimming – 20 – 30 units each side = 40 – 60 units in total


How many injections do I need? Does 20 units mean 20 injections?

20 units does not mean 20 injections. If you look at the diagram below you can see our technique for injecting the frown (brow) with 20 units. Each circle represents an injection point, with the number of units injected at each point shown. For the frown we normally perform 7 small injections.

Frown line treatment Melbourne


Not all units are the same

At every cosmetic clinic in Australia the product is diluted using normal saline. Check with your clinic and ask what dilution they use. Watch Dr Brown discuss anti-wrinkle unit reconstitution below.


How many units do I need to treat forehead lines? How many injections will I need?

When we treat forehead lines we normally use one unit for each injection point. The number of units that you need depends on how much movement you have in the forehead, how deep the lines are, the width of the forehead and the height of the hairline.

Diagram 1 below shows a patient with one single line across the forehead and a low hairline. We have placed 5 units across the forehead to reduce movement and soften the lines. Diagram 2 shows a patient with 2 sets of lines on the forehead and a higher hairline. We have scattered 9 units across the forehead to treat their lines.

Diagram 1: treating the forehead lines in someone with a low hairline

Forehead line treatment in Melbourne

Diagram 2: treating the forehead lines in a patient with 2 sets of lines and a higher hairline


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