Full facial rejuvenation | Dermal filler & anti-wrinkle treatment


Full facial rejuvenation | Dermal filler & anti-wrinkle treatment


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Our patient, in her 50’s, recently came in for full facial treatment with dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment. Using a combination of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment our patient has achieved a fantastic result whilst still looking natural.

We will describe, in stages, how her treatment was performed and the results achieved. Dermal filler treatment was performed by Mr Erik Koppert and anti-wrinkle treatment performed by Dr Jonathan Brown. In total our model received 7ml of dermal filler and 100 units of anti-wrinkle treatment. By law we have to mention that results are individual and can vary.

melbourne cheek dermal filler

Patient’s concerns

Our model patient’s main concerns were the forehead lines, loss of lip volume and marionette lines. From a practitioner’s point of view both Mr Koppert and Dr Brown felt as though she had an attractive profile with good cheekbones, strong philtral columns in the lips and good eyebrow height/shape.


Upper face rejuvenation

upper face anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment

Dermal filler treatment: forehead and temple dermal filler treatment. Dermal filler to lift outer brow. 2.5ml dermal filler used.

Anti-wrinkle treatment: frown lines, crows feet, infrabrow (brow lift) and forehead lines. 50 anti-wrinkle units used.

Our patient’s upper face was treated with a combination of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment. The treatment has reduced the forehead lines, lifted the brow and reduced the apperance of crows feet.

Dermal filler was used to replace volume in the temples, under the outer eyebrow to lift the brow and also small amounts of filler in the forehead to reduce the appearance of lines. The dermal filler will last approximately 12 months.

Anti-wrinkle treatment was used to reduce forehead lines (7 units), frown lines (20 units), to lift the brow and reduce crows feet (10 units each side). The anti-wrinkle treatment will last between 3 and 4 months.


Mid face rejuvenation

melbourne cheek dermal filler

mid face dermal filler cityskin melbourne

Dermal filler treatmentTear trough, cheeks and nasolabial folds. 3ml dermal filler used.

The midface was treated with dermal filler to reduce the hollows in the inner cheek area, tear trough (the dark area under the eyes) and outer cheek. Mr Koppert also treated the bridge of the nose with a small amount of dermal filler to reduce the bump in the nose. The before/after photo below shows improved cheek fullness and reduction of the under eye bags (the ‘tear trough‘)


Lower face and lips

lip dermal fillers melbourne

Dermal filler treatment: Lip dermal filler, marionette lines, chin crease and nasolabial folds. 2.5ml dermal filler used.

Anti-wrinkle treatment: facial slimming (25 units each side).

We have discussed in previous articles on the Cityskin website about how to restore lip proportions to enhance their apperance. The before photo shows a smaller lower lip to upper lip. The ideal lip ratio is 1:1.6 in caucasian patients, meaning the lower lip should ideally be 1.6 times fuller than the upper lip. By placing filler in the lower and upper lip, Mr Koppert has restored this proportion giving a lovely natural result.

Dermal filler was placed in the nasolabial folds, marionette lines/mouth corners and upper lip lines. The overall effect is a softening of shadows/lines and also lifting the mouth corners.


Pre-jowl and chin

jowl dermal fillers melbourne

Dermal filler: Pre-jowl and chin crease. 1.5ml dermal filler used.

This 45 degree view shows how dermal filler has been along the jawline to reduce the appearance of what is known as ‘jowls‘. Small amounts of dermal filler have been placed in the chin crease to soften the line.



This case shows how using dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments, a full facial rejuvenation can be achieved. We used more filler than most patients would normally use (7ml total dermal filler and 100 units of anti-wrinkle treatment) but the overall effect looks fantastic and natural without looking ‘overdone’.


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