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Cityskin Adelaide | Anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin treatments

Cityskin Adelaide offers anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin injections with Dr Kylie Austin – an experienced Cosmetic Doctor in Adelaide. There is no consultation fee, treatment from $4 per unit and you can book an appointment in a couple of clicks!

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Cityskin Adelaide Location

Address: Cityskin Adelaide, Suite 1, Level 1, 257 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006


How to find the clinic

Watch our video walk-through to find Cityskin Adelaide easily!


Cityskin Adelaide Team

Dr Kylie Austin is an experienced Cosmetic Doctor with years of injecting experience. She loves performing dermal filler, anti-wrinkle and double chin treatments.

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Anti-wrinkle injection costs | Cityskin Adelaide

At Cityskin Adelaide we charge from $4 per unit depending on the brand of anti-wrinkle treatment used. Have a read of our artice on anti-wrinkle unit prices and our cost page which displays all of our treatment costs.

We do not charge a consultation fee at Cityskin.


Dermal filler costs | Cityskin Adelaide

We charge $650 for 1ml of dermal filler at Cityskin Adelaide. We charge $550 for a second ml and $500 for third and fourth mls if used on the same day.


Double chin injection costs | Cityskin Adelaide

We love double chin treatment at Cityskin Adelaide and charge $600 per vial. The average female patient will need 2 vials per treatment and is likely to need 2 – 3 treatments to see results.

We have written a comprehensive guide to double chin injections to help you understand everything you need to know about treatment. Click here to read our guide.


Are consultations free?

Yes. Consultations are free of charge at Cityskin Adelaide.


How do I book an appointment?

Click on the button below to book an appointment with Dr Kylie Austin.

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Book an appointment at Cityskin. No consultation fee

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Anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin treatments
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Cityskin Adelaide
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Cityskin cosmetic clinic offers anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin treatment in Adelaide with medical experts. No consultation fee. Anti-wrinkle treatment from $4 per unit