The photo above shows a patient with lines under the eyes. Anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal filler will not reduce these lines. This patient’s problem is one of loose skin and she may be more suited to surgical treatment rather than injectables. Some patients try laser treatments such as C02 or Fraxel to reduce these lines but, again, these results are modest. Unfortunately, this is a frustrating answer, but it may be a problem that we can’t fix for you at Cityskin, and you may have to accept the lines under the eyes.

What is a tear trough and how do we treat this area?

Tear troughs are a complex and difficult area to treat. If you have a true tear trough, as shown in the photo below, you can treat this area with dermal filler to reduce the depth of the trough. We often treat the mid-cheek and tear trough at the same time to reduce the hollows under the eyes and you may need 2mL of dermal filler to treat this area. Have a read of our cost page for an idea of how much we charge per vial.

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