Several factors can influence the extent of swelling experienced after double chin treatment. These factors include:

  • Initial fullness: The amount of existing fat under the chin can impact the level of swelling. Greater fat content generally leads to more noticeable swelling.
  • Number of vials used: The quantity of injected solution plays a role in the extent of swelling. Using two vials may result in more swelling compared to using one vial, as more fat is being dissolved.
  • Individual response: Swelling varies from person to person, making it challenging to predict an exact outcome.

Some individuals may experience swelling from as soon as 20 minutes after the injection. Swelling typically subsides within 3-5 days but can vary in duration among patients.

For a comprehensive understanding of the potential swelling and its duration based on your unique circumstances, we recommend consulting with a qualified professional at Cityskin who can provide personalised advice and address any concerns you may have.

Double chin before/after photos

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