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Anti-wrinkle injections for forehead lines in Melbourne

  • Forehead line treatment is one of the most popular procedures at Cityskin Melbourne
  • The cost of treating forehead lines is likely be between $60 and $108 for a female patient
  • When we treat the forehead we always recommend treating the frown at the same time (read on to find out why)
  • Cityskin is at the forefront of techniques for treating forehead lines. We have written guidelines for practitioners across Australia on the best way to treat lines
Frown forehead and crows feet anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne
An example of forehead line softening using anti-wrinkle injections at Cityskin in Melbourne

About the treatment

Forehead lines are treated using anti-wrinkle injections. Injections are placed into the forehead muscle (known as ‘frontalis’) to reduce the appearance of lines. The amount of injections needed depends on how much movement you have in the forehead, the depth of the lines and the width of the forehead.

Anti-wrinkle products relax the muscles and reduce the appearance of lines – similar to ironing a shirt.

Generally speaking – the more lines on the forehead the more injections are needed to treat them. We often use between 5 and 9 units to treat a forehead in a female patient. In men we tend to use anywhere between 9 and 17 units to treat forehead lines.

In the diagrams below we have an example of a patient being treated with 5 injections (5 units) and a second patient having 9 injections (9 units). The second patient has had more units because they have a higher hairline and a larger area to cover.

Forehead line treatment in Melbourne
How to treat forehead lines
  • The cost of treating a female forehead with anti-wrinkle injections is likely to be between $60 and $108.
  • The cost of treating a male forehead is likely to be between $108 and $204

Please bear in mind that when we treat forehead lines we always recommend treating the frown line at the same time. This avoids a flat, heavy brow after treatment.

Consultations at Cityskin are free. Pick an appointment in a couple of clicks on our booking page.

It takes between 5 days and 10 days for forehead line anti-wrinkle treatment to take effect. This can vary depending on the brand of product used. The European anti-wrinkle brand tends to work quicker.

forehead lines anti wrinkle

The photo above shows one of our model patients having anti-wrinkle treatment to her forehead. The photo on the far left shows the patient lifting her eyebrows on the day of treatment, the middle photo shows movement after day 3 and the photo on the right shows movement in the forehead after day 7. As a legal disclaimer we must mention that results can vary.

Our belief at Cityskin is that cosmetic treatments should help you look fresh, not fake. Dr Brown explains in the video below how to reduce lines but keep you looking natural and fresh.

Forehead line before / after photos

Forehead line before and after photos

Below are examples of before / after pictures of patients that we have treated at Cityskin clinic

Frown forehead and crows feet anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne
Forehead line treatment using anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne

Watch patient having forehead line treatment at Cityskin

Watch patients having forehead line treatment

Forehead line treatment is quick and almost painless. The videos below show Dr Jonathan Brown treating patient forehead lines.

Forehead line treatment

Risks and cautions

Thankfully complications are rare after anti-wrinkle injections to the forehead. If too few units are used then there may be too much movement and more units may be needed. If too many units are used then the brow/eyebrows may feel heavy. Our practitioners are all experts in forehead line treatment and can assess how many units you will need to achieve the look and feel that you are after.

When we treat forehead lines in women we always recommend treating the frown muscle at the same time. The picture below shows what can happen to the eyebrows if we just treat forehead lines. The face on the left shows the face without anti-wrinkle treatment. At rest, the eyebrows are held up by the forehead muscles (shown by the arrows pointing upwards) and are pulled down by the frown and muscles around the eyes. At rest these muscles are in balance.

eyebrow anti wrinkle injection height melbourne

The picture on the right shows what can happen if just the forehead is treated with anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle treatment (shown by the ‘x’ marks on the forehead) relaxes the forehead muscles so there are less muscles lifting the eyebrows. The frown and muscles around the eyes continue to pull down so the overall effect is the eyebrows are pulled down and sit lower.


Why you should always consider treating the frown and forehead together with anti-wrinkle treatment! #antiwrinkle #forehead

♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

To prevent heavy eyebrows after forehead treatment we always treat the frown as well as the forehead. This reduces the muscles pulling the eyebrows down and reduces the muscles pulling up, thereby leaving the eyebrows at the same level.

Dr Brown discusses why he likes to treat the frown and forehead at the same time in the video below:

Forehead line treatment has had a bad reputation in the past giving rise to the term ‘frozen look’. We have to be mindful and careful when treating your forehead that we don’t cause the shiny, over-treated look. This can be achieved by using small amounts of anti-wrinkle product scattered across the forehead. The downside of using less units on the forehead is that the treatment won’t last as long as when the forehead is frozen.

Dr Brown from Cityskin discusses this in the video below:

How to avoid the ‘frozen’ look after anti-wrinkle injections

Forehead line FAQs

Personally, I feel that the safest option for treating forehead lines is by using anti-wrinkle treatment. In a recent video I described deep lines like the lines on a shirt – it may take time to iron the lines out and often the lines won’t go away with one treatment.

Dermal fiiler can be used to treat deep forehead lines but this is much more complicated and slightly riskier procedure. Click here to read how forehead dermal filler can treat deep forehead lines.

We’d recommend coming in for a consultation so we can have a look at the lines and give you tailored advice 🙂

This depends on the number of units that you use. The ideal result is one where you have the degree of movement that looks most natural for you. We can use less units to allow some movement or more units to fully reduce the movement.

Bear in mind that the less units we use the quicker the treatment wears off.

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