What is ‘spocking’ after anti-wrinkle treatment?

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Spocking after anti-wrinkle injections

When treating foreheads with anti-wrinkle injections, one of the possible complications is called ‘Spocking’ (after Mr Spock from Star Trek). Spocking is where the only the outer parts of the eyebrows lift up when lifting the eyebrows.

Spocking is a give-away that someone has had anti-wrinkle treatments and it is something that we always want to avoid. It can be easily corrected by placing one unit of anti-wrinkle treatment in the lines to stop them lifting up.


How do I treat spocking?

If you experience this effect it is easy to correct. Simply place one unit of anti-wrinkle injection in the outer forehead to stop the area moving so much and this will reduce the spocking look

Spock effect forehead

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What is spocking after anti-wrinkle treatment?
Spocking is the name given to the movement in the outer forehead that some patients notice 1 week after anti-wrinkle treatment
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