Dermal filler can be used to give the lips a fuller look and restore lip proportion. At Cityskin in Melbourne & Sydney we can assess your lips and work with you to get the look that you desire.  The lip dermal fillers that we used are based on the body’s own natural protein and will last for between 6 months and a year.

At Cityskin we charge from $650 for 1ml of dermal filler to treat lips. Have a read of our dermal filler cost page to find out more about all treatment prices.

lip enhancement photo before after

Lip treatment with dermal fillers – the importance of proportion and volume

When you browse through magazines you will notice the beautiful lip are not only full but also have good proportions. At Cityskin we are often asked by patients for fuller lips but we have to be careful to pay attention to lip proportion as well as volume. When we assess lips prior to treatment we have to look at the balance of upper to lower lip height.

The diagram above shows an example of a beautiful pair of lips. If we look at the height of the upper lip compared to the lower lip you can see that the lower lip is approximately 1.6 times larger than the upper lip. In a caucasian patient we aim for the 1 : 1.6 upper to lower lip ratio.

The 1 : 1.6 ratio does not apply to patients across the world. The ideal upper : lower lip ratio in Asian patients is closer to 1 : 1 so the height of the upper and lower lips are roughly the same height (shown in the diagram below).

asian lip filler melbourne

How much lip dermal filler will I need?

Most patients start with up to 1.0ml of dermal filler to treat the lips. If you want a much fuller lip you can come back after 4 weeks to have another 1.0ml to give a more dramatic volumising effect. If we use less than 1ml in the lips we use the remainder in other areas – commonly in the cheeks or in the marionette lines (shadows around the mouth).

How much does lip dermal filler cost at Cityskin Melbourne & Sydney?

At Cityskin we charge from $650 for 1ml of dermal filler, depending on the filler used. Have a read of our dermal filler cost page to find out more about all treatment prices.

We pride ourselves on having experienced practitioners using premium dermal filler products to give you the best results. We offer long appointments and do not cut costs by using cheaper filler. Your lips deserve the best and we want to deliver this to you.

How long will lip dermal filler last?

The dermal filler that we use at Cityskin usually lasts between 9 and 12 months but this can vary from person to person and the amount of dermal filler used.

Are lip dermal fillers permanent?

No, lip dermal fillers are not permanent. We never use permanent filler at Cityskin. In our opinion is is unsafe to use permanent filler as it cannot be dissolved if needed.

Is lip dermal filler painful?

The lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the body along with the hands, tongue and genitals. Lip dermal filler can be uncomfortable without numbing the lips before treatment.

On the treatment day we can offer either a dental block or numbing cream before treatment. A dental block is the procedure that you have when you have a filling at the dentists and involves 4 small injections of anaesthetic into the gum area. The lips go very numb within 5 mins and the effects last approximately an hour.

Sensation in the lips can be also be reduced using numbing cream. The cream is applied to the lips for approximately 20 minutes proving a good numbing effect to the lips for approximately 45 minutes.

Will I bruise when I have lip dermal filler?

Bruising is not uncommon after lip dermal filler and the bruise may be noticeable despite covering makeup. The lips have a great blood supply and, even with the most careful injection technique, bruising can occur.

How do I book an appointment?

We do not charge for consultation at Cityskin Clinics. Book an appointment by clicking on the picture below.


Do lips swell after dermal filler?

Swelling varies from person to person. At Cityskin we use the dermal fillers which swell the least after injection. Below is a photo of a patient who has just had dermal filler. She had 0.5ml to the upper lip and 0.4ml to the lower lip. The photo was taken 5 minutes after injection. You can see that only minimal swelling has occurred immediately after injection.

lips after dermal filler

Will I feel lumps and bumps in the lips?

We use the best dermal filler for lips at Cityskin which is unlikely to cause lumps and bumps in the lips. I often ask patients to massage the lips for the first few days after treatment to help reduce the chance of very small lumps where filler has been injected.

Can lip dermal filler be dissolved / reversed?

Lip dermal fillers can be dissolved by injecting an enyzme into the filler. It breaks down the filler almost immediately returning the lips to their previous shape.

Do you use long lasting filler in lips?

The use of the longer lasting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in the lips really isn’t recommended and, as a result, we don’t use these in the lips.

Having read experiences and advice from Plastic Surgeons in the USA the general comment is that it is not FDA approved for use in the lips and also it can give an un-natural look over time.

In the lips we tend to like the filler that you used the first time. It has been used for years in the lips and gives a predictable result.

What do I have to avoid before lip dermal filler?

If you have an active cold sore we would not recommend having lip filler. Wait until the cold sore has gone away before having treatment. If you take blood thinning medication please let us know before your treatment as bruising is much more likely on these medications.

Before/after photos of lip dermal filler at Cityskin in Melbourne

lip dermal filler melbourne before after photos

lip dermal filler cost melbourne

lip enhancement photo before after

lip dermal fillers melbourne

lip dermal filler cost

lip dermal filler before after

lip dermal filler sydney

Recent Cityskin cases

Patient 1: 1.0ml lip dermal filler

This patient is in her 30s and has had 1.0ml dermal filler to her lips to give more projection and fullness. We are aiming for an upper:lower lip height ratio of 1 : 1.6 (the lower lip 1.6 times fuller than the upper lip). The after photo has improved this lip ratio by using slightly more filler in the upper lip.

melbourne lip filler cost

Patient 2: 0.8ml lip dermal filler

This patient in her 50s has had 0.8ml of dermal filler to her lips. The treatment was performed by Mr Erik Koppert at Cityskin Hawthorn. The filler has given fullness to both lips but has also given a lovely ratio of upper:lower lip height.

lip dermal fillers melbourne

Patient 3: 1.0ml lip dermal filler

This patient wanted fuller lips but, on assessing the lips the proportion of the upper:lower lip ratio needed changing. By using 0.6ml dermal filler in the upper lip and 0.4ml in the lower lip we have achieved fuller lips with better proportions.

lip enhancement dermal filler melbourne

Patient 4: improving lip proportion using dermal fillers

Our patient presented wanting fuller lips but on assessment what we noticed was that the lip proportion was not right. The upper lip was fuller than the lower lip. By using dermal filler mainly in the lower lip we have achieved a more balanced lip ratio which looks aesthetically more pleasing.

lip enhancement photo before after

Patient 5: 0.8ml dermal filler in lips and 0.2ml in chin dimple

Our patient wanted fuller lips and to reduce the dimple in her chin. 0.8ml of dermal filler was placed in the lips and the remainder in the chin to reduce the dimple. The after photo was taken soon after injections so some of the swelling will settle down.

Patient 6: 1 ml dermal filler

This beautiful treatment was performed by Rachelle McIntosh at Cityskin Sydney. The patient had 1ml of dermal filler to achieve luscious, hydrated lips.

lip dermal filler sydney

How to numb the lips before dermal fillers

In this video the Cityskin team talks about the options to numb the lips and reduce sensation before lip filler injections.

Which is better for lip dermal filler treatment – needle or cannula?

Dr Ilana Galgut and Jonathan Brown discuss whether cannula or needle is the best technique for lip filler treatment.

Cannula vs needle for lip fillers - which is best?Cannula vs needle for lip fillers - which is best?

Cannula vs needle for lip fillers – which is best?

In this video the Cityskin team discuss their favourite method for treating lips with dermal filler.

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