Brad Pit

Brad Pitt – annoyingly good looking 

Let’s face it – Brad Pitt is a good-looking guy. But have you ever wondered what makes a male face attractive? Key features to attractive male faces are: 

  • A strong angle of the jaw. Think of Dr Chris Brown (Bondi Vet) or David Beckham 
  • A low, flat brow with deep set eyes 
  • Strong outer cheek and a flatter mid cheek 
  • Facial proportion – upper, mid, and lower thirds of the face having the same height. 
  • A chin with the same width as the mouth 

Dermal fillers in men are used to enhance strength in these key areas and provide a balance to the upper, mid, and lower parts of the face. This is often achieved using dermal filler at the angle of jaw, along the jawline and chin. The ‘ideal’ chin width in men in the width of the mouth whereas in women it is the width of the nose. Dermal fillers can be used to widen the width of the chin and project it downwards and forwards to achieve a more masculine profile. 

As with anti-wrinkle injections – we must be very careful with dermal filler in men to not feminise the face. An attractive female face tends to have fullness in the mid and outer cheek with a smooth convex curve. Men are flatter in the mid cheek with a stronger outer cheek, and we must be mindful to get the balance and look right. 

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