At Cityskin we tend to prefer the needle technique for lip dermal fillers, but cannula can also be used to place filler in the main body of the lip. We find that needle can give greater precision and a reduced risk of small lumps and bumps that can happen with cannula. There is a slightly higher chance of bruising with needle, but we feel that the results that you can achieve far outweigh the short term bruising risk. Some practitioners believe it is more difficult to place dermal fillers evenly within the lips using a cannula. 

Pros of needle: better placement, quicker procedure, less risks of lumps. 

Cons of needle: Increased bruising risk. 

Pros of cannula: Less chance of bruising. Safer as cannula is unlikely to block blood vessels. 

Cons of cannula: Fiddly technique, procedure takes longer, higher chance of lumps and bumps. 

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