At Cityskin, we believe you should never pay for anti-wrinkle ‘areas.’

25 units lasts longer than 20 units. 20 units lasts longer than 15 and so on. It is still the same treatment ‘area’ but using different units makes the product last longer or shorter.

Treating a frown with 10 units lasts about 6 weeks. Treating with 25 units lasts 4 months. It is still the same treatment ‘area’. If you were to pay at a clinic that charged per area, you would pay the same for 25 units as 10 units. Therefore, it is up to you to trust the clinic choosing the right number of units for your needs.

Transparency – know what you’re getting.

The cosmetic industry can be a bit confusing to navigate. At Cityskin, we are firm believers in transparency to our patients. Our consultations will cover what product we use, the benefits of different brands and how many units or mL’s are used. If we simply treat ‘an area’, this information can get muddled and it might be difficult to know what you received. Make sure you ask your practitioner and empower yourself with the knowledge of what you’re getting for your money.

Ask for your treatment notes!

To ensure transparency make you ask your clinic for your treatment notes. Do some homework and see how much you are paying per unit for your treatment. If you have your forehead ‘area’ treated for $195 and you had 7 units, you have paid almost $28 per unit to have your forehead treatment.

Guide to Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Units

To achieve optimal results with anti-wrinkle treatment, the number of units required can vary based on factors such as muscle strength, line depth, age, the brand of the anti-wrinkle product used, and individual response to treatment.
Here is a general guideline for typical female patients:

Please use these values as a general guide for your next treatment. The units mentioned above are based on the most used anti-wrinkle brand in Australia, and the most applied brand at Cityskin.

Why has my treatment area worn off quicker than expected?

Several factors need to be considered when trying to work out why your treatment wore off quicker than expected:

  1. You didn’t have enough units to reduce the lines sufficiently. If you have a strong frown, it probably needs 25 units to reduce it. Don’t use less as it just won’t work well enough.
  2. The anti-wrinkle brand was diluted too much. At Cityskin we use the 3 main brands available in Australia.Always ask which brand you are having and how much it has been diluted. Clinics can vary how strong they make their product.
  3. The product wasn’t placed in the right area. Make sure you are being treated by someone with experience.
  4. Be honest with expectation. We find some movement returning after just over 2 months, but it is very subtle and full movement is around the 4-month mark. It is normal to have a very small amount of movement after a couple of months.

Anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne

At Cityskin we specialise in anti-wrinkle injections. Find out everything you need to know about anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne at Cityskin Clinic with our comprehensive treatment guide.

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